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Connecting to a Wireless Network


As you probably know it's easy to connect the Raspberry Pi to the internet using a network cable as it comes with a network connector built in. You just plug a cable into the connector on the Raspberry Pi and plug the other end into your router and it works. But how do you connect it to a wireless network? 

The Pibow Case

Pibow all spread out

After the two posts about cases I thought I should probably let you know which one I got in the end...

I went for a Pibow from Pimoroni. It's now available in more colours but I went for the original rainbow colours.

Raspbmc Installation


I've decided to try another Operating System on my Raspberry Pi, this is a version of XBMC specially designed for the Raspberry Pi.

XBMC is a open source media center operating system which gives quick and easy access to films, music and photos on a user interface designed for a TV rather than a computer monitor. It is also designed so it can be controlled by a remote control rather than a mouse and keyboard.


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