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The Pibow Case

Pibow all spread out

After the two posts about cases I thought I should probably let you know which one I got in the end...

I went for a Pibow from Pimoroni. It's now available in more colours but I went for the original rainbow colours.

Raspberry Pi Cases - Part 2

Bramble Wooden Case

I'm still waiting for delivery of my Pi, so have been looking at case options again. Here are some more that look quite interesting, the PiBow, PiWorks and Bramble Pi

Case Choices

Adafruit Pi Case

One of the most important choices while I wait for my Pi to arrive is what case to put it in. The case will not only stop the Pi getting damaged and dusty it will also make it look good.

Searching on the internet and looking on the official Raspberry Pi site and their forums, there are all sorts of cases available. Made from everything from Lego and paper to metal, plastic and wood.


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