Case Choices


One of the most important choices while I wait for my Pi to arrive is what case to put it in. The case will not only stop the Pi getting damaged and dusty it will also make it look good.

Searching on the internet and looking on the official Raspberry Pi site and their forums, there are all sorts of cases available. Made from everything from Lego and paper to metal, plastic and wood, here are a few examples:

The Punnet

This free, printable paper case is available for download in PDF format that you just need to print out and stick together to make. It was created by a Raspberry Pi forum member called E. Details can be found here:

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Lego Case

Originally designed by Biz, a 12 year old, the Lego case is available to buy as a complete Lego set from the Daily Brick for about £14 ( or if you've already got the Lego, the instructions can be found here:

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ModMyPi Case

A 2 part, injection moulded, plastic case available in 5 different colours, or any combination of those colours. It can be bought from the ModMyPi Website for about £10 ( They also let you upload your own designs and they will make then for you.

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Adafruit Case

Adafruit are another company selling Pi cases. This one is a clear acrylic enclosure, that comes in 6 pieces which clip together. It's available from their site and costs about $15 unfortunately I couldn't find a UK based supplier (

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PlyPi Case

A homemade case made from 3mm plywood layers cut to size then screwed together and sanded. The finished item is very stylish, but would probably be a bit beyond my skills with a saw. (

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Plexiglass Pi Case

Another homemade case I like is this Plexiglass case. It's very simplistic and should be cheap to make as it's only a couple of pieces of acrylic, cut and screwed together. Full details of how to make it can be found here:

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My Choice?

I still haven't completely decided what kind of case to use. I might look into making my own case - possibly something like the PlyPi. But I'll have to wait until I receive my Pi first to help with the measurements. If not, I'll probably go for the Adafruit case as I like the idea of having a clear case so you can see the circuit board and components.


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