Raspberry Pi Cases - Part 2


I'm still waiting for delivery of my Pi, so have been looking at case options again. Here are some more that look quite interesting:

Pibow Case

I think this colourful case might be my favourite so far. It's a very simple idea, several pieces of Acrylic in different colours that stack on top of each other and fit around the ports and components of the board. It can be purchased for £13 here: http://www.pibow.com/

Image From: http://www.pibow.com/

PiWorks Case

I've found a company called PiWorks who are selling something like the Plexiglass case from my previous post. It's made from 3mm acrylic and steel screws and can be purchased for about £9 from here: http://www.piworks.com/

Image From: http://www.piworks.com/

Bramble Pi Case

Another nice wooden case, this one made from birch plywood with finger joints. This wooden case is available to buy on Etsy for about £10: http://www.etsy.com/listing/93162730/bramble-pi-raspberry-pi-laser-cut-finger

Image From: http://www.etsy.com/listing/93162730/bramble-pi-raspberry-pi-laser-cut-finger


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